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Health Checks

Blood Pressure Monitoring

At Fairford Pharmacy we offer FREE Blood Pressure checks with no appointment required. Our staff are all fully trained to measure your blood pressure in our private consulting room. As with all of our tests, we will discuss the results with you in confidence and recommend any further action you might need to take as a result of the check.

Glucose Monitoring

At Fairford Pharmacy we offer a FREE  simple test to measure the amount of glucose in your blood. It's completely confidential, no appointment required and takes just a few minutes.

Ear Care Service

We are offering a FREE ear care service where we can check the ear canal for any signs of excess wax build-up or presence of an infection. Our pharmacist will use an otoscope to inspect the canal and provide a consultation on any issues that may be present.

Health Check and Cholesterol Service

This service will be available soon.