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Ordering Prescriptions

The majority of surgeries in Buckinghamshire are now asking patients to order medications directly with the surgery. Patients can do this by:

Exceptions to the above:

Repeat Dispensing ('Batch prescriptions')

Repeat dispensing or 'BATCH prescriptions' is a way of getting your medicines without having to ask the doctor for a prescription each time. Prescriptions are generally given in advance as a 'batch' to the pharmacy. You will need to speak to your doctor to set this up. Your doctor will need to assess if you can get your medicines in this way. Not all medicines can be supplied on repeat dispensing. Please drop-in the pharmacy for more advice.

Prescription Collection Service (All surgeries)

At Fairford pharmacy we can arrange to have your prescription collected (once you have ordered) from your doctor’s surgery. We collect from all surgeries. Please inform your surgery that you would like to nominate Fairford Pharmacy for your prescriptions and let a member of staff know that you would like your prescription collected.

Dosette 'PILL' Boxes

To help patients take their medication correctly, we can provide dosette boxes. A dosette box is a system for arranging your weekly medicines. Using the dosette 'PILL' box system allows you to see which pills to take, and when. This is a paid service offered by Fairford Pharmacy.